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Qaiwan Heights Project

The Qaiwan residential project was built on an area of 825,000 square meters and includes about 7,000 housing units. The project was built by the Qaiwan Group of Companies in 2014. Units began to be delivered in 2016. Area A consists of 16 residential buildings and comes in 38 residential buildings. The final area of the project, known as Area C, is currently being worked on.
This area is considered the last area in the Qaiwan Heights and it consists of 24 residential buildings. The project overlooks the picturesque views of Sulaymaniyah and it will be one of the most beautiful areas in the Qaiwan Heights.
Apartments area: 150m2, 117m2, 116m2

Wais Tower

is a mixture of commercial activities and residential units, four basement floors are dedicated to parking and ground floors and the first floor includes services and activities such as: gym, kindergarten, kindergarten, restaurant, 
Floors 2 to 26 are dedicated to units Residential, which will be about 300 units, the area of the units in this project are (203m2 – 152m2)
The project is located in Ibrahim Ahmad , and near the third intersection of Kani Ba

Shari Daik Project

 which consists of three new buildings that are being built with modern standards, as well as these buildings being the tallest buildings in Sulaymaniyah with names (Nali, Salim, Kurdi)
The height of the towers consists of 45 floors, the first floor is equipped with a parking lot, and the last floor of the towers is a penthouse.
All apartments have (heating - central cooling - ceilings  - all wooden floors - and all residential units have canters) despite the large number of green spaces that represent 25% of the total project.
Units in this project are available in 3 different spaces:
Type A: 228m2
Type B: 205m2
Type C: 169m2

Central Park

is one of the new projects in Chwarchra in Sulaymaniyah and covers an area of 212,500m2  and consists of two areas,
District A consisting of 9 buildings and District B consisting of 4 residential buildings, each consisting of 25 floors, meaning that more than 2,600 housing units have been provided for families in Sulaymaniyah
The project contains a large area of green spaces and a 2 km running track for sports and cycling, and each housing unit has its own burial garage.
The project provided all the services of modern life to the residents in a modern way (markets, malls, restaurants and cafes, schools, and kindergartens) that will be built for the convenience of the project residents.
 The units of this project are available in two different areas (167m2 - 131m2).


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